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December 29, 2009



Gross. It is so sad that this is happening, but we are all behind you. :) We are really, really hoping for a victory... which would be a victory for every handmade artist. Fingers and toes crossed, crossed, crossed... xo


it's awful you have to go through this, but i'm so glad you're fighting against the bad guys. best of luck.

Laurie - Old School Acres

It's disgusting. I often worry about my owls being copied. I know how I feel when I see an item inspired by my owls. I can't imagine how I would feel if someone actually copied them for sale. Wow.

Melissa de la Fuente

Oh hun...I am so sorry to see this. Please, DON'T give up! They can mass produce all they want but, it will never replace the real work of art created by you. I, for one, and I am sure many, many others would NEVER by the copy. I hope your fight is successful. That is just an awful shame and we are 100% behind you. And yes, it is an obvious copy. No doubt there.


Keep strong! You definitely have a case, and I hope you've teamed up with some of the other artists they've copied, there is strength in numbers! I really applaud what you are doing, I feel like too many artists just give up because they think it will be too hard to take on a big company, but we have to fight back!


When you do find out if it's ok to share who did this please let us know! That's exactly the kind of business I don't want to support!

Best of luck with getting through this, I know it's not easy, but the fight will be worth while.


Gosh, they are the same, but they don't have the little details, the quirkiness, cuteness and 'handmadeness' of your critters. This surely sux, especially when you think about what the people making the copies must have gotten paid if they can be sold for $10.

Fight on and stay strong!


Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about this. It's absolutely disgusting, and so blatant! Good luck with your fight - I hope that you succeed.


no way...I''m so sorry to hear that


Oh my goodness, this is horrible! Good luck in your case, you definitely have one. Whatever happens, everyone knows who originally created it and I'm sure will have no problem spreading the word.

Either way, your original version is way cuter.


This is so awful, I can't even imagine how taxing this whole mess must be for you. I wish you lots of strength, luck and courage for fighting this fight, and I truly hope that you'll win.

Hang in there!

margie oomen

those copies just look so so sad
like sick , ugly , nasty fakes
they are not even worth the materials they are made from
Your animals are works of artful love.
Thanks so much for pushing forward.


I'm so glad your taken it all on though and fighting it! Stuff like this seems to happen alot - good luck with it all!


I am so sorry to hear this Ashley! I really hope that you will win this copyright case as people like her should be stopped. (Renee emailed me since the buyer in question bought a bunch from me as well but I don't know yet whether they ever copied it).
best of luck to you and thank you for bringing this to everybodys attention!

Laurie Sharp

This is very sad and I hope you are more than successful in crushing these thieves. Thanks for the heads up on the buyer as well since they also bought from my shop. I discovered the name of the company in question after your Etsy convo but would love to see the catalog.

We'll do all we can to help you stop this so keep up the good fight.


this thing just makes me angry over and over again. and what really gets to me is that, besides ripping you off, they are totally betraying the customers who buy these. i know i'd feel vile and dirty if i had purchased something seemingly so cute and harmless and then found out it was in fact a shameful violation like this. and people aren't given the chance to choose when they don't even know.

i'm sure you have been or will be told that "surely there are worse things happening in this world", but remember that this is not just about you and your little animals, nor is it only a case of copyright issues, it's about what is right and what is wrong.

i wish a lot of patience and peace of mind for you on this. don't give up!

(also, pine needle pal from snowy finland says hi!)


Dear Ashley, I agree with everyone here... Stay strong! You are an amazing artist and I love all of my little Fern Animals. The copy just looks sad. It doesn't have that "magic" that your handmade animals have. I totally understand about needing a break, but I hope that someday you'll come back to making Fern Animals. They have brightened the lives of many. Thank you, and good luck with your case.

Elle (boltandfrolic)

What a violation on so many levels.
I hope you win the case, and win BIG!


I am sure that your case will be a very solid one with a strong chance at winning. However, patience and strength will definitely be required when doing anything through our US legal system (ugh). I wish you the best of luck and would love to help in any way possible!


DON"T give up, Ashley! I am behind you as I know so many others are. NO way in heck would I ever buy a copy of your items. It could never be the same. I have a blog post about another artist who is dealing with a similar situation, (different types of work, and price points, and his copycat is suing HIM to have his rights to a copyright removed so they can continue!!) and he has really garnered a lot of attention to his fight. He is selling series of his sculptures at really good prices to help raise money for his lawyer fees. Very interesting, his story, and you might contact him; he might be of help as far as any advice you might need regarding artists issues: http://smacthoughts.blogspot.com/2009/11/copycat-suing-original-artist.html

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