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December 29, 2009



This is mighty sad my friend. Definitely worth the fight. Its so easy with the internet these days for companies to copy to work of an individual artist/designer. It is obvious from the pictures that is a copy, but it is also obvious which made better, unique and special. Keep up the effort.

Abigail Brown

Oh Ashley! So so sorry to see that...but I think we'd all agree that all the charm is lost in that sad little copy. The people you would want to be owning your work would never be interested to purchase something that simply looked like it...what's wonderful about it is that YOU made it with all your love and care and nobody can ever replicate that no matter how hard they might try.
I hope you can continue the fight and claim some kind of compensation for such blatant theft...but what I hope most is that it won't strip you of your desire to keep creating because that would be really the saddest thing. Maybe after a little break you'll feel refreshed but please don't stop making the wonderful things you make.
Lots of love, Abbie


may the force be with you in your fight. just hope that karma comes to those that steal cute little critters

Lisa (Lou Lou & Oscar)

I agree completely with everything that has been said above, I wish you strength for the battle ahead, it must be so stressful and hurtful to hold that nasty copy in your hands. Your work is imbued with such charm and personality, that is impossible to copy, please keep doing what you do so well.

neil licht

This is theft. ACLU is great at going after people like this.

Also, contact the Federal Trade gropu,a govenment agency andpush them to get you royalties or acease and desist.

Do you kow who is manufacturing your designs. Research it and you willfindit. Find the importer and go after them. Your on line presence may constitute ownership even without a copywright so go after the importer and ask them how they imported without your permissions. Thtreaten to shut them down, scare them.

Next, get the news paper into this story. Call the busines editors at the Times, Wall street journal andot China's theft, get the story published. It takes persistance but it can get published. Make it a China steals a US design, will they steal another US invention?

Permission to display this and my info granted - Neil Licht 508-481-8567, nelicht@verizon.net

myra :: twigs & honey

I'm so sorry this is happening to you! It makes me sick to my stomach. I love your Fernanimals and my hubby just bought one for me this Christmas after much cooing over them.
I have had the same thing happen to me so many times... it is a huge problem. Once copies are made... copies are made of the copies and then it becomes this out of control beast and at one point, no one remembers where original ideas came from.
I hope that you continue to make your precious fernanimals and I hope that the cream will rise to the top and justice will prevail. Thank you so much for blogging about your experience. It's good to hear another hardworking individual describe her experienc.

Tiffany Wilson

That is just insane! I am so glad you are hanging in there, even if the process is moving slowly! And please don't ever stop making fern animals! I absolutely adore each and everyone I have purchased from you!

Pamela (aka Prettydreamer)

I am so sorry to hear it ... what a pity! There is so much room to create endlessly new things - hard to imagine that a big company has to copy so obviously. Wish you well. ~Pamela

Cara Carmina

I´m so sorry about all this, I just read your previous post about it and I´m really in shock to know this... all my support for you!!!!


Don't give up Ashley! I love your animals, you don't so don't deserve this!!! Keep fighting!


Oh no!
I actually have one of those knock off owls. Paper Source was selling them last year.


keep fighting ashley. you have such strength and bravery to fight against these blatant copies that disgrace the care, skill and heart obvious in your designs. thankyou for sticking up for the independant designer in a mass produced world :)


that must have been so disappointing when you found out about the copies.

Steph Bond @ Bondville

I feel absolutely devastated by this Ashley. Good luck and stay strong. Your work is incredible and will win out over the copiers. I've had my copyrighted website content literally copied and pasted onto another site recently, so I can empathise a tiny bit, but this is really disgusting.

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