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February 21, 2010



Ooooo exciting! We are still deciding on a date and location, and then I think the rest will fall into place. I can't wait to see the "venue" you choose!


Congratulations on more of your plans coming together; that's so exciting! I adore that first dress on top, but think you would look lovely in any of them. :)

melissa Crowe

Oh, the top one! The top one!


the first one is stunning. that's two votes now. :D

Melissa de la Fuente

How exciting hun! Congratulations! These are beautiful, great picks!


Wow! They're all beautiful, but the 4th one is perfect!


love them all. especially love no.4
good luck


i love the first three the most
me and tom will most likely be up for the whole month of june so we'll be there for it i hope :)


How exciting! Those dresses are really beautiful..
Good luck with all your wedding plans :)

Jessica Hanscom

I am excited. need to call you.
I will be sooo pregnant at your wedding!
I'll wear a sack with a bow!
love the last two dresses! the first one is too marilyn monroe.


OH! Congratulations!
I love the first one and the one with the black sash.
I recently saw this at Anthropologie and thought it too wedding-y for me to wear as a GUEST at a wedding.

So exciting.

Rhea  Mack

Wowie zowie! It's happening! I'm so excited!! I love dress 4! We need to talk talk soon soon. I miss you and adore you!

Steph Bond @ Bondville/Real Wedding Ideas Australia

WOW! Congratulations!!! I adore all of them. Here's one from that I think would suit your style too: http://www.realweddingideas.com.au/themes/vintage/romantic-vintage-style-sydney-wedding/

Tiffany Wilson

love that first one! how exciting! hope you will keep us posted!

lucykate crafts...

i like the first one and the fourth. think the first is just that little bit more special for a wedding dress.


the top one seems most bride like to me, the last one is perhaps too informal and may not emphasize "the bride" fully. have fun with choosing and don't forget the impact that shoes in your favorite color can make.

Laurie - Old School Acres

Look at the lovelies here http://www.dollycouture.com/

I love dress on the main page.

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