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August 20, 2010


Nicole MacN.

Boy, I always feel this way. My heart goes all heavy every time. But then I just sit myself down and try to tell myself that there's authenticity in my drawings and I shouldn't feel so bad.

Ashley Anna Brown

This is one of the first things I read on Twitter this morning: "pretty new fabric banners (part of an installation show) from artist karen gelardi: http://bit.ly/9RWGLk" posted by DesignSponge. HA! These aren't exactly similar to what I'm working on, but it still feels like a funny coincidence. I guess banners are kind of "trendy" now? I hate that word and the whole idea of it, but I think that's what we're faced with here :)

Nicole - there is authenticity in your drawings!! Really, keep doing it, I can't ever get enough of your work!

Ms. Carrie B

It is such tricky territory. I hate that feeling! But love it too, because it makes me feel like I must've been on some kind of good track if other people are making things similar to what I had in my head, and getting attention for it.(?)

But an unfortunate side effect is that I start to overly cling to the little things that I think ARE unique about my work, and it becomes an unhealthy shtick.

Anyways, I'm really glad you're going to continue with your project and I can't wait to see it finished!


I know the feeling. You don't want people to think you've 'copied' either, but.. when people have the same concept it's usually executed differently. And look how many years your inspiration goes back! So in a way it goes to show that nothing is really original or innovative anymore but it can still be fresh and amazing!!

Jessica Hanscom

make a baby!


i hear ya... except i usually just get to the 'think about' part and then feel like there's no point since it's already been done better than i could... i guess i should toughen up but easier said than done.

i do have bits of ribbon cut and folded up into a tattoo-style banner but that's as far as i got. i think i'll have to finish it now. just for the sake of it.


Hi Ashley, I don't know if it has a direct connection to your This Womans Work project, but Harvard put together this online collection of everything across the entire Harvard library system that fit under the theme of Women Working (1800-1930). There is a HUGE amount of digitized material that you might find something interesting in there. http://ocp.hul.harvard.edu/ww/

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These are some great craft ideas!

Vicky U

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