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May 24, 2011



Don't sweat it! I am glad you are not deleting the blog because I like seeing what you are up to, but it doesn't have to be very often. Some blogs post so often that I can't even keep up.

Erin Austen Abbott

I have the same feelings about my own blog. I make excuses. I write a post. Is anyone even reading what I just forced myself to do? I don't know. Is it more for me? I don't know about that either. But I think you should keep yours for sure. You never know when something great will pop up that you'll want to post. That's how I feel about mine.
I agree with what Kate said above. I don't want looking at my google reader to feel like a part time job, which it does half the time because some blogs post SO often. We all have other things going on and there's nothing wrong with that. Post when you want. We will still be here to read it.

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